C.x williamsii ‘Eryldene Excelsis Variegated’

by Charles Lee reprinted from Camellia News No 194 Autumn 2014

Eryden excelsis varIt seems appropriate for the Australian Camellia that we further celebrate the Centenary of Eryldene, (2014/2015) by including the beautiful C.x williamsii ‘Eryldene Excelsis’, in its variegated form.

The photo was taken in the garden at “Eryldene”, home of the Waterhouse family in Gordon, NSW.

The parent camellia ‘Eryldene Excelsis’ has an ANZAC theme in that it was originated by Les Jury in New Zealand in 1960, first flowering in 1965. A seedling from a cross of C.salunensis ’Sunnybrook’ with C.japonica ’Waiwhetu Beauty’. Les gave written permission for the cultivar to be registered in Australia.

Hence, the applicant for registration was the “Eryldene Trust” and it was registered in 1981.

The semi-double blooms are 110-120 mm, pink with a bluish tinge and flower profusely in mid-season.


“The International Camellia Register”, Tom Savige.

Camellia News No. 79, December 1981

Further Notes:

  1. A direct reference to the variegated form could not be found in the “The International Camellia Register”.
  2. Quite by coincidence, a quilt featuring ‘Eryldene Excelsis Variegated’ was made by Maureen Lee and was raffled as part of the 2014 congress in Canberra.
  3. At registration in 1981 the “Eryldene Trust” was propagating ‘Eryldene Excelsis’.
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