Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria


The picturesque setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne extends over 36 hectares and displays more than 50,000 plants. Diverse plant collections, year-round events, unique tours and a reputation as one of the world’s finest gardens has made the Royal Botanic Gardens one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist attractions.


JoyceAdeleBrooksThe Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is home to approximately 800 camellias spread throughout the 36-hectare site, including 200 in the designated Camellia Collection.

The Camellia Collection aims to demonstrate the diversity of species within the genus Camellia and provide a quality resource for research.

The Collection began in 1883 when the Gardens’ second Director William Guilfoyle (Director from 1873-1909), planted the first camellias in the Camellia Bed. This early collection was greatly enhanced under the directorship of Alexander W. Jessep (1941-1957). In 1996, this extensive collection became the National Reference Collection of the Australian Camellia Research Society and was first recognised as a Garden of Excellence by the ICS.

GwennethMoreyIn 2005 the addition of The Bob Withers Collection greatly increased the diversity of the existing collection, with many more species and scented hybrids. Since then, the Gardens’ team has focused on enhancing the collection with Australian-raised registered cultivars. The collection has become of increased importance as, under new stringent plant health regulations, no new varieties may be imported into Australia.

There are varieties such as: – Joyce Adele Brookes,HenryTurnbull Gwenneth Morey, Henry Turnbull, Melbourne White, Wirlinga Princess and C.trichocarpa, which has a large white flower and produces a seed the size of an apple. A full list of camellias at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is available as part of the online plant census which can be accessed from our website

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The Camellias are at their peak in winter, with some continuing to flower well into spring. Join one of the free Winter Discovery Walks at 11am or 2pm (every day except Monday)

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