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The primary features are the camellias, including a large variety of cultivars. There is an under-planting of bulbs including daffodils, jonquils, bluebells, grape hyacinths, cyclamen, lachenalias, babianas, Pacific Coast (Californian) irises, hellebores and winter irises. Wisteria, hydrangeas, laburnum arch, roses, rhododendrons, azalea and miniature cyclamens also produce a dazzling display at various times of the year. Trees include liquidambar, poplar, holly, eucalyptus, magnolias, Japanese maples and oak (including a heritage listed English oak over 6m around the girth). The deciduous trees provide a stunning display in Autumn.


Open Day (Sep) 2

Camellia Walk

Volunteers of the Camellia Society Adelaide Hills began planting the camellias in 1977 and there are now over 500 cultivars, many of which are not commonly found varieties. The cultivars have been planted in beds grouped to a theme (Miniature, Japonica, Reticulate, Sasanqua, Hyrid, Higo and Elegans). Examples of varying uses can also be seen, including hedging, espaliers, topiaries and ground cover. The north-facing hedge mostly of un-named seedlings from members’ gardens, stands a testament to ‘camellia hardiness’ having had only ‘water from the skies’ for several years-mainly winter rains followed by dry hot summers; annual rainfall 25 inches (625mm). ‘Stangate Ruby’ was registered from one on the hedge seedlings.


C.japonica ‘Magnolia Blush’

A special feature of the garden are the four old camellias in our ‘Leawood Collection’. Estimated to be originally planted c1875 and transplanted to Stangate in 1996, the four now proudly stand in front of the espaliered fence line of alternating ‘Setsugekka’ and ‘Fukuzutsumi’ having recovered fully from a heavy chainsaw pruning.

Several local cultivar can be seen: ‘Roger Hall’, ‘Marmion’, ‘Maise Chattel’, ‘Nan Pickering’, ‘Arthur Knight’, ‘Sarah Jane’, ‘Magnolia Blush’, ‘Just Sue’, ‘Wyn Hawkes’, ‘Len Jacobs’, ‘Christian Pink’ and ‘Magalhaes Variegated’.

Tuesdays 9:30 am – 3:30 pm, Sundays in September 12 noon – 4 pm
Stirling Market Day (4th Sunday each month) 1 pm – 4 pm
Modest entry fee apply

Sasanqua: May – June
Japonica & Reticulata: August – October

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