History in a Second Hand Shop

10411876_198863960460071_3542709811687968925_n“Recently when on holidays at Burleigh Heads we went to the Carrara Markets. Looking through a second hand bookshop I came across this Book – Camellias by E B Anderson. Inside was an old newspaper article titled ‘The Rare Camellia’ Sydney Morning Herald 13 April, 1972 about Colonel Tom Durrant and his work with reticulata camellias” writes Shu-chuan (Bonnie) Vercoe  of Queensland Camellia Society. Colonel Tom Durrant was the bestowed with the honour of “Fellow of the Australian Camellia Research Society” at the 1986 National Congress for his long and distinguished service to the Society and the study of the genus Camellia.


Near the conclusion of the article are Tom Durrant’s suggestions for those who would like to grow reticulatas and they were ‘Pagoda’, ‘Moutancha’, ‘Early Peony’, ‘Shot Silk’, ‘Wild Silk’ & ‘William Hertrich’ which were available in the Australian nurseries and the prices range from $10 – $20 each. Photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/camelliasaustralia

'Pagoda' synonym for 121683143_ea5f4c900b_z'Songzilin'.

‘Pagoda’ synonym for  ‘Songzilin’

'Shot Silk' synonym 'Dayinhong'

‘Shot Silk’ synonym ‘Dayinhong’

'Wild Silk'

‘Wild Silk’

'William Hertrich'

‘William Hertrich’

'Early Peony' synonym for 'Zaomudan'

‘Early Peony’ synonym for ‘Zaomudan’

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