Walter Hazlewood

C. japonica 'Walter Hazlewood'

C. japonica ‘Walter Hazlewood’

Born at Homebush Sydney in 1885, Walter Hazlewood was interested in plants from an early age. Walter with his brother Harry founded the Hazlewood Brothers Nursery business in 1908. Walter was one of the earliest people to recognise the special merits of C. sasanqua species in Australia and organised the first imports of C. reticulata into Australia in 1948.

Hazlewood donated hundreds of camellia plants to the E. G. Waterhouse National Camellia Gardens Sydney when it was commenced in 1969.

Walter Hazlewood was one of the four founding members of the A.C.R.S. He was the society’s first treasurer and elected one of the society’s first three fellows in 1963.

His name is honoured in one of the important annual awards of the A.C.R.S., the Walter Hazlewood award. Walter was a Charter Member of the American Camellia Society and a life member of the Southern California Camellia Society.

Walter Hazlewood passed away in October 1980, 95 years old.

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