Stirling Macoboy

C.reticulata 'Stirling Macoboy'

C.reticulata ‘Stirling Macoboy’
C. Aust., Camellia News, Spring 2011, No.187, p.21 with colour photo. A cross of Lasca Beauty x Dream Girl originated by R. Cherry, Paradise Plants, Kulnura, NSW, Australia. Mid-pink (RHSCC 63C) semi-double to loose informal double flowers, average size 140mm diameter x 70mm height. Flared cluster of stamens has creamy-white filaments and gold anthers. Bud colour is RHSCC 63A. Strrong growing plant has serrulate, elliptic leaves 100mm x 40mm, colour 147A upper surface and 146B reverse, with weak to medium undulation. Named for the well known writer of camellia and other gardening books.

The name ‘Stirling Macoboy’ has been chosen to honour the author of theĀ “Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias”; “What Camellia Is That?” and the earlier “The Colour Dictionary of Camellias” as well as many other much used gardening books.

Currently a commercial propagator has some thousands of cuttings being grown into small plants, which will be distributed to a number of nurseries, in various states, for growing into larger plants for sale. The original plant was grown by Bob Cherry and given to Camellias Australia to develop.

The plant label will be copyrighted, so that each plant sold will attract a small royalty for Camellias Australia. With a number of nurseries growing and distributing the plants, freight costs should be kept to a minimum.

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